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I will be away from my workshop starting Wednesday February 24th through March 8th.  You can place an order but I will not be able to work on the items until I get back on March 8th.  If you order, your order will be completed in the order it was rceived.  Any questions text my phone with your name, or email me.  Thank you, Jeff.

Garden Bug


The "garden bug" was created using a simple metal rake which I cut in half and welded the two parts together to make the body.  I added a piece of a railroad spike as the bugs head and attached two screws as the bugs antenna. 

The art piece measures approximately 9" in length, 4" in width and 4" in height.

The entire bug is spray painted with a rust proof  black spray paint.  The eyes are painted using an orange paint.  No assembly necessary.

Price: $12.68

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