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I am taking some time off for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.  I will be back on May 29th.  You may place an order but it will be delayed until after Memorial Day.  Thanks,  Jeff




Large Knitting Tote


This base is made from solid Wisconsin hardwoods and is 9/16" in thickness.  The base has multiple dividers for various knitting supplies.  The base also has an area for you hooks.

The base itself measures 6" x 16" and the handle stands 7" tall.  The opening for your hand measures 1" x 3".  The single slot measures 1/16" wide and is 9/16" deep for your reed. 

Drilled holes will have a tapered opening. The base is sanded and ready for finishing and weaving.  Base comes assembled.

Drilled hole diameters: Option 1 hole design (2)-3/4", (2)-5/8", (2)-1/2"

Drilled hole diameters: Option 2 hole design (14)-1/4"

Price: $20.90

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