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The shop will be closed between Oct 22nd and Oct 24th.  I will be out of town.  

Please contact me by email at to schedule cutting your future base requests.

Ordering is not available as I am attempting to catch up with current orders.  You will "not" be able to add items (add button is removed) to your shopping cart now through Oct 25th.  Jeff




Shipping and Returns

Jeff's Wood Shop uses UPS Ground services exclusivley for shipping to the lower 48 states in the USA.  I will use USPS for orders shipped to Hawaii and Alaska when asked.

If by chance your items are damaged in shipping, YOU will need to contact UPS to file a "damaged in shipment" complaint.  UPS will need photo's of the damaged items along with damage to the shipping box.  The more photo's the better.  Document the damage(s) the best you can as you find it.  I normally do not have any issues with UPS, but damage can happen.

Regarding thefts:  If your package is stolen from your drop off location, I am not responsible for the theft or loss of UPS shipped items.  Please try to have someone available to except the delivery.  If a more secure location is necessary for delivery, I am happy to work with you regarding UPS deliveries.  A neighbor or maybe a business that would hold the package for you.  Let me know.