Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can I order by email?

A:  No.  I only acknowledge orders that are paid for through my website.  An email is not considered an order placement.  If my shop is offline, an email from you is fine to let me know that you have items in your cart.  However, I do not cut bases until they are paid for.

Q:  How long will it take for you to make my order?

A:  That depends, I cut wood bases on a part time schedule, that's why you need to contact me.  I'm usually in my work shop daily depending on the amount of orders that I am cutting at any given time.  I cut orders as first come, first served and I will give you a tentative shipping date.  My turn around is usually two days from receiving payment and that is also depending on the size of the order and types of bases. 

Q:  Do you ship by any other method other than UPS?

A:  I will use USPS for shipments to Alaska and Hawaii.  The lower 48 states are shipped strictly UPS ground. I do not send packages to outside of the USA.

Q:  I have a special base request, can you make my special base?

A:  Yes, but you will need to contact me by email.  If the request is detailed, I will need a picture or a drawing with measurements to calulate my time and materials.  If it is a simple design (round-oval-rectangular) then I will not need a drawing.  Once I have your base details, I will give you a price.  

Q:  Do you offer discounts to Guilds?

A:  Yes.  Contact me by email to work out the details.  

Q:  We would like a donation of your wood bases for our Guild or special event.  Will you send us free stuff?

A:  Depends on the request, but usually I do not do this.

Q:  Where are you located?  Do you have a store where I can buy products?

A:  I am located in Cedarburg, Wisconsin which is north of Milwaukee.  I do not have a store front and my products are strictly sold online.

Q:  Why is shipping only by UPS and not by other means?  And why is it so expensive?

A:  I have been with UPS for over 20 years and I find that shipping by only one carrier keeps the confusion down on my end. 

As far as costs, UPS ships packages and each package has a specific cost even without any products inside of them.  UPS charges for shipping a box and even if empty, it still costs a flat rate to send that empty box.  I set the maximum weight on each parcel/box to 30 pounds.  I find that stuffing boxes with too many bases can result in broken products.  Be smart when ordering as adding more products to a box will not increase the UPS shipping by that much more.  I am not Amazon, so I can't give price breaks on UPS like they can.