7" x 15" x 3/4" Flat Sided Oval *Exotic* Multi-wood

This solid multi-hardwood base comes several different types of hardwood and a strip of exotic wood. The inner thin strip is Purple Heart from Africa which is very purple in color, the next piece is Oak, the darker piece is Black Walnut and the outer piece is Cherry. This same design is repeated on the other side of the Purple Heart wood. The base comes with a 1/16 inch single slot.

Purple Heart is available at my sawmill, but may be out of stock at times. I reserve the right to use Padauk, which is also from Africa but a bit more reddish-orange in color.

The edges are rounded for a smooth look and the entire base is finish sanded-ready to go for the weaver.
Price: $13.12

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  • 7X15X75MULTISS