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December shop hours
During the month of December, I will have limited shop hours begining around Dec 15th.  With the holiday season, I will also be out of the shop during Christmas and up and through the New Year.  If you want to order items, let me know if you have a "must have date" for your items.  Otherwise I will handle orders as they come in to me.  Jeff
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September shop hours
During the month of September, I will have limited shop hours.  If you need items for a specific time, please contact me to confirm that I can get those bases to you on time.
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USPS shipping now available on certain orders !!
I have added USPS shipping on orders that weigh less than 10 pounds.  If you have a small order, USPS may save you on shipping costs.  When you are processing your order, you will have the chance to compare the cost differences between UPS and USPS.
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Maple is out of stock
For the time being, I am out of Maple until I get to the sawmill to pick some up.
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Cherry bases-some have a discount
I recently had the opportunity to buy 1,000 board feet of Wisconsin cherry at a very good price.  I have discounted some of my popular types of bases that are made with cherry.  Check out some of these savings while the supply lasts.
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