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Cherry bases-some have a discount
I recently had the opportunity to buy 1,000 board feet of Wisconsin cherry at a very good price.  I have discounted some of my popular types of bases that are made with cherry.  Check out some of these savings while the supply lasts.
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Hickory in short supply
I have had a recent run on hickory bases.  For the meantime,  hickory currently is out of stock and not available.  I hope to restock hickory in the near future.  
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Are you receiving email confirmations from me?
I have noticed some emails are no longer being delivered to the customers and I am receiving back a "550" error message from booted emails.  If you are not getting auto email notifications from me (you should always get "payment received" notice when you order) please let me know so I can look into it further.  I think I have an answer why this is happening.  Thanks, Jeff
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I now carry white pine as an additional wood option.  This is only available for the round bases at this time, but I may include other bases if requested.  Please contact me if you would like a base other than round made from white pine.
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Additional email contact

You may have noticed, I have added a new email address for contacting my basket bases shop. 

The new email is

I will integrate the current email at to the over the next few months.  The reason behind this is to take some of the confusion out of my wood shop business and my basket base business.  The transition should be smooth and you more than likely will not notice much change.  

You may want to add email to your contacts list or junk folder permissions to avoid missing emails from me.  Thanks.  

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